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Edible Gold Leaf

Order Gold and Silver Leaf

Gold Leaf and Silver Leaf available in three forms in our store:

PAGLIUZZE (Sprinkles)
Easy to use shakers make dusting with edible gold and silver simple and quick.

PETALI (Petals/Small Flakes)
Enclosed bamboo tweezers facilitate easy application.

FOGLIETTE (Full Sheets)
Individual sheets separated with tissue paper provide effortless, overall coverage.

Culinary Presentations

Chef/Artist Wendy Brodie, who over the past 20-years has become a central figure in the California Culinary scene, will present cooking ideas from recipe to presentation, incorporating cooking, plate design, presentation, table settings, centerpieces and entertaining ideas.

NEW! Gold and Silver Leaf

Purchase any gold or silver product and receive FREE our Art of Food TV® Edible Gold DVD episode, full of inspiring ideas and demonstrations.

NEW! Edible Gold Leaf
edible gold leaf
NEW! Edible Silver Leaf
edible silver leaf
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